Created for Community

What is a church? It is not a building. It is not a physical address. It is a group of people who do life together and care for one another. We desire to see our community flourish with a culture that extends grace, mercy, kindness, encouragement, hope, and ultimately love.

Commanded to Love

Jesus made it clear to the church, “A new command I give you, to love one another.” That is the foundation of our community. Our commitment to one another is to love and cherish every member of our church family and community.

Committed to Serve

We remain steadfast in our commitment to invest in and serve our local community as the hands and feet of Christ. We want to see God’s kingdom grow by helping people experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in their new life.

Called to Persevere

We all have unique personalities/gifts God has given us. Our desire is to spur one another on to deeper personal relationships with Christ through the study of God’s word, fellowship together, and prayer.


New Life starts with 4 basic principles

  • Living in Father’s Love
  • In Christ
  • Filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Enjoying RVA together
Richmond VA