Love Has Great Responsibility

When I was a child things were so easy. Someone else changed my diapers, made sure I had a roof over my head, and enough food to survive. Honestly I had no responsibility and sometimes if I am honest, I wish I could go back there. We all do. One thing we learn in life as we get older is that life has responsibilities. These responsibilities range from paying our bills,  to cutting our grass, or doing a good job while at work. The hardest responsibilities we find though often intersect with relationships. At the end of Mark chapter 13 Jesus uses a story about a man traveling on a journey and leaving his servants with three things to steward in his absence: his house, his authority, and his work. When we think about those three things in the context of our faith, we have to consider the following; how are we stewarding the Father’s house (his church), His authority, and the work He has prepared for our lives. All of these point back to relationships. The church is not some physical building with pews, it is families coming together filled with the Holy Spirit. When we think about His authority, it is in the context of how we use it in the world with people. And lastly when we consider His work for us, often it centers around our spouse, our children, our neighbors, or co-workers. Jesus was focused on relationships and how we steward them. You see love is something we all want and something we all give constantly. However the piece that we often forget is that love comes with great responsibility.

2 thoughts on “Love Has Great Responsibility”

  1. Wonderfully said; gives something to think about with our lives, relationships, & especially our relationship with Christ.

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