Love Does What it Can

Last Saturday we had a men’s breakfast at our church and it was really a great time getting together over eggs, bacon, biscuits, and sausage. Who doesn’t love all of those things mixed in with a great cup of coffee. As we were finishing up breakfast, surprising there were leftovers. Imagine that. A bunch of hungry men and there was leftover eggs, bacon, and sausage. Well rather than tossing the leftovers, we made 2 plates and covered them with aluminum foil. The thought was, well Erica and I have leftovers for tomorrow. However, God’s plan is always different than ours. The minute I left church I was driving down Route 5 and noticed a woman walking down the road with all her belonging over her shoulder in a backpack. Immediately the Holy Spirit inside me said to stop and talk with her, so I pulled over on Route 5 and had a conversation. I could tell she was hungry and I knew I had an amazing breakfast wrapped up in my back seat. I reached in the back seat grabbed the plate and explained why I had the leftovers and that I wanted her to have them. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. You see the beautiful thing about love is that it does what it can. Often we think it is the big things in life that gets people’s attention but really its the small stuff that matters the most. Stop beating yourself up for what you haven’t done or what you can’t do. Just do what you can and I promise that will speak volumes.